About Flourish Fitness Academy

Who WE are:

Flourish Fitness Academy is a cutting edge program in which women learn how to live healthier through more than just nutrition and exercise. While a weight loss program, it is also a program that is designed to empower women into a completely new lifestyle- mind, body and spirit.

Who YOU are:

  • Motivated
  • Tired of failing with weight loss, 10/10 ready to succeed
  • Interested in learning, not just receiving a meal plan and going on
  • Looking to make a lasting effect on your health
  • Ready to make meaningful connections
  • Ready to have FUN!

Throw out everything you’ve ever learned about health and wellness. You will never look at weight loss the same again after joining this program.

High Accountability Program

This is where you will work individually with a coach from Flourish Fitness for at least 3 months. This program is specifically designed to help you stop guessing and start learning. Clients tend to lose 20-50 pounds in a 3 months span!

  • Exclusive access to hidden Facebook group to connect with other people in the program
  • Unlimited access to communication via Messenger with a coach
  • Weekly check ins
  • Weekly personalized meal and workout plans
  • Weekly group coaching
  • Flexible payment plans!

Medium Accountability Program

This 3 month program is designed to get you learning about the ins and outs of health and wellness as it relates to weight loss, in a group coaching manner. Clients tend to lose 10-30 pounds in a 3 month span!

  • Exclusive access to hidden Facebook group to connect with other people in the program
  • Weekly access to Facebook Messenger communication with a coach
  • Weekly group coaching and education call with Q&A for support
  • 3 month pre-done meal and workout plans of your choosing
  • Flexible payment plans!

Low Accountability Program

This 3 month resource is designed for you if you feel you don’t need accountability, you just need a little guidance. Clients tend to lose 5-30 pounds on this program!

  • 3 month pre-done meal and workout plan of your choosing
  • Email support for plan questions
  • Fixed price for purchase

At Flourish Fitness Academy, we ensure we offer something for everyone! Whether you are looking for a little or a lot of guidance, we have got your back!

Choose us and we will surely lead you to greatness!

Flourish Fitness Academy was tailored specifically to me and my changing goals. The personability between my coach and me helped the accountability aspect of it. It also helped break down the wall that I would put up with others because there was questions I had that I thought were dumb or silly. Transforming. Motivational. Everlasting! 

— Malenie

I would have to say Flourish Fitness Academy is 100% worth it. 3 months time isn’t a lot of time, but I learned so much. Coach Shelby is there every step of the way and I’ve learned so much about how to improve my mindset about food and never felt there was negativity toward my struggles. She’s really there to support her clients and makes it so we don’t feel like we’re being deprived.

— Sierra

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